“It’s my curiosity and breathing for nature, people, their environments, their feelings, their needs, their movements versus silence inside and silence outside. It triggers me to freeze that moment.”

That moment that is captured in all movement and never comes back. Looking for the balance between wanting to hold on and letting go. That feeling that is scary and liberating at the same time. To find beauty there, from within. 

The Japanese expression "ichi-go, ichi-e” captures the essence of this balance beautifully and it fascianates me. This expression translates as “one moment, one meeting”. It means that any specific event at any specific time only happens exactly that way once. After that, that moment will never happen in exactly the same way again. 

That moment that feels to me as if the world around me is no longer there.

Like a poetic dance inside, light and free, there where it becomes silent and time and space no longer exist

And where my imagination unfolds...                                                                 



Annelore Bensink